Free microfiber towels for a limited time only!*

DetailBee™ Microfiber Towels - Standard (5 Pack)

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Only one per person. One (1) item includes 5 microfiber towels.

e have too many microfiber towels and not enough space!

We've decided to give away packs of 5 towels for FREE (just pay shipping). Summer is over and this blowout sale will only last until the towels are gone. If our store won't let you checkout with these in your cart, it's already too late.

You can use these towels to wash your car, clean your wheels, or even wipe up oil stains. We don't care what you do with them, we just need them gone! We've decided to add more expensive premium microfibers to our store instead.

Each towel is about 250gsm (grams per square meter). Quality of towels is measured by the GSM. Average towels have a GSM of between 200-300. High quality towels have a GSM between 400 and 600. The more grams per square meter, the more absorbent and long lasting the towel will be. If you're looking for a premium towel, check out our long-lasting plush microfiber towels.


GSM: 250
Color: Blue
Size: Approximately 12" x 12"
Quantity: 5 towels per pack